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SuperStar Saturdays is a special sponsorship where you can send your favorite FTF models on an adventure that will be videotaped especially for you!


Be there as the kids swim, workout, goof off and spend the night at a fancy 5 Star Hotel! You will be there with them as they include you in all of the activities!



We hope you dont mind riding the rollercoasters and munching on junk food all day, cause thats what you will do with the kids as they spend the day at Knott's Berry Farm!


Please choose two models who you would like to participate in the trip(you can fill in their names in the "Special Instructions" section of the CC Now form). If a model is unable to make it on that day, we will reschedule or ask you to choose an alternate.

All videos will run approximately one hour in length. Each video will be personalized inasmuch as the kids will address the sponsor in different segments of each video. Portions of these videos may be used in other VideoWeb productions. PLEASE NOTE:

Reno and Surfer Dude are not available to participate in these trips as they live out of state from FTF.
Also, when choosing your two models, make sure you have alternates in mind in case the ones you choose are unable to make the trip.
Finally, as we approach Winter, some of the activities such as swimming may be unavailable for the Hotel California video. Please consider these things before ordering!