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(Lesson Three)

We have been learning about two teachings that make up the entire Bible-"Law" and "Gospel". Last week we talked about how each one is revealed differently to man. The Law is written on man's heart. So in his conscience, every man knows what the Law expects of him. But the Gospel is revealed outside of man. It is through the preaching of the Word. This is something that man doesn't understand, because it's not natural to him.

As we continue on to Lesson Three of this series, we will be looking at how the contents of each teaching. In other words, each one is made up of something completely different than the other one.


The "Law" tells us what we are to do if we want to get into heaven. "Don't steal, don't lie, don't covet, don't kill". But the "Gospel" tells us what GOD IS DOING, and what JESUS has already done for us. The "Law" is all about our works and deeds, the "Gospel" is all about the works of God and the deeds of Jesus. Are you starting to get this now?

The Law demands things of us, but doesn't give us the power to do it! It's like holding a treat before a dog. When the dog jumps in the air to grab the treat, what do you do? You move the treat higher so it's out of the dog's reach. No matter how hard that poor dog tries, he can't reach the treat. That's the way the Law is. It says don't kill. So we don't kill and think we're doing okay. But then Jesus says if we get angry at someone without cause it's like we have murdered them in our heart. We thought we had the Law in our reach, but it just got harder and higher.

Also, the Law has nothing to say about forgiveness and grace. But the Gospel offers only promises of eternal life, gracious offers of forgiveness and the good news that it has all been accomplished by Jesus.


JOHN 1:17