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Lesson Two

In Lesson One we talked about how there are two doctrines or teachings that make up the Bible-the first one is the Law, and the second one is the Gospel. The Law is any verse that makes a demand of you or expects you to earn your salvation. The Gospel on the otherhand, is any verse that offers salvation or a promise of God freely without any strings attached.

We also briefly looked at some errors people make in comparing Law and Gospel. If you want to review that lesson, click on the link below and review those points. This week, we are going to look at the first real difference between the Law and the Gospel.


Man was created with the Law written in his heart. But since the Fall in the Garden of Eden, this law was damaged in our hearts-but not completely erased. This is why we can preach to people about "don't do this" and "don't do that" and their hearts agree with the preaching. But when the Gospel is preached, and they are told they don't have to do anything to receive the grace of God, man flips out. He doesn't know what to do with this information, because only the Law and not the Gospel is written in his heart.


You must understand that ALL RELIGIONS contain Law. In other words, in every religion there are things you must do to earn your way to heaven. People like these religions because what is written in their hearts(the Law) agrees that they have to earn their own way.

But only Christianity has the Gospel. Only in Jesus do we have the promise that it is what He did that counts, and that everything we do is sinful and counts for nothing in the eyes of God. This is why many people fear the true preaching of the Gospel. They are afraid that if we tell people there is nothing you have to do to earn your way to heaven, that Jesus has already earned it for you, that everyone will go out and sin like crazy. Yet if the Holy Spirit is truly in our lives, we will want to please God and not sin against Him. Not to earn our way, but to show God gratitude for what He has done for us in Jesus.