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Job Description
for Pastor Tim Shultz

I. To conduct Bible Studies at PYC.

  • To prepare a Catechism lesson each week for the Sunday 11:00 a.m. Study
  • To choose, record and play the weekly Song selections for Sunday mornings
  • To pick-up and/or drop off those children needing transportation to PYC(and to their respective homes after Bible study).

    II. To visit and maintain fellowship with those who attend PYC.

  • To visit those who are ill or who have special needs
  • To visit those who are backslidden or who need encouragement to return to PYC
  • To visit new kids of PYC and to meet their Parents
  • To take new kids to lunch on Sunday afternoons with those PYC kids who brought them

    III To plan and implement outreach activities for PYC

  • To visit neighborhoods monthly
  • To provide a weekly activity or event for PYC kids and their friends
  • To provide a monthly feeding for the local homeless people
  • To visit San Jose school weekly to meet new kids and to encourage them to visit PYC

    This job description is submitted respectfully to the Evangelism Committee on January 18th, 1999 for discussion and review. I welcome any additional tasks or duties that I may have unintentionally left out or that the Committee sees as necessary for the growth and well-being of Pomona Youth Chapel.

    Pastor Tim Shultz