12. Since we are sinners and deserve to be punished, is there any way to escape this punishment?
No. We must take this punishment ourselves, or someone else must take it for us.

13. Can we take this punishment ourselves?
No. We only make it worse day by day by continuing to sin.

14. Is there an animal that can take the punishment for us?
No. God will not punish an animal for something man has done. Besides, no animal can take the punishment of God or set us free from it.

17. Why must He also be God?
Because only God can take the wrath of God.

18. Who is this Person who is God and also a sinless Man?
Our Lord Jesus Christ.

19. From where do we learn this?
The Holy Gospel.

20. Does everyone become saved in the same way they became sinner?
No. Only those who by true faith are joined to Him and receive His gifts.

21. What is true faith?
1.That I believe God's promise of salvation.
2. That I believe that the Spirit is alive within me.

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