GUILT(Questions 1-11)
1. What is your only hope in life and death?
That I do not belong to myself.
But in my body and soul, in life and death, I belong to my Savior Jesus Christ.
2. How many things must you know to live and die happily?
1)That I am a sinner
2)That Jesus has set me free from my sin
3)That I am to be thankful to God for setting me free.
3. Where do you learn that you are a sinner?
From the Law of God.
4. What does the Law expect you to do?
1)To love God with all my soul and all my mind
2)To love my neighbor as myself.

5. Can you obey the Law perfectly?
Because of my sinful nature, I hate God and my neighbor.
6. Did God create man sinful and wicked?
God created man good and in His image.
7. From where did man get his sinful nature?
From Adam and Eve.
When they disobeyed God and fell from His grace.
8. Are we so sinful that we cannot do anything good?
Unless we are born again by the Spirit of God.
9. Isn't is wrong of God to ask us to do good when we can't?
For God made man able to do good.
10. Will God allow disobedience to go unpunished?
God is very angry with our sins and will punish them now and after we die.
11. Won't God show mercy?
Yes, but He must also be fair.
This means He has to punish the sinner's body and soul forever.
16. Why must He be sinless?
God's justice requires that sin be punished and a sinner cannot take the punishment for others.
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