II. PYC As A Mission Field

As mentioned in the introduction, it must be considered carefully that PYC is quite unlike Ontario URC. In many ways PYC is a mission field. In this I mean that we are ministering to a foreign culture(youth), with their own language, their own moral codes and more importantly a culture that is unaware of God. Yes, they have heard about Christ on TV and they have all certainly heard of church and know where one is located. But the reality of the Gospel and the truth of Christ's atonement is beyond them. Why? Because they have never had it preached to them.

One aspect of PYC that makes it similiar to a mission field is that of family and peer retaliation for trusting in Christ. Many of the kids that come to PYC and attend regularly do so to the chagrin of their parents and they face the ridicule of their peers on a weekly basis. This again is where Communion is and could be so important. These kids need that extra "shot in the arm" and that reasurrance that what they believe IS true, and that the sacrifices they make do make a difference.

Another similiarity between a mission field and PYC is that the ministry itself in unorthodox in many ways. For instance, we do not have a tithing base so we sell candies to support our Chapel. We never have asked for any monies from Ontario nor do we intend to. But this is a good example of how PYC shouldn't be expected to be like every other church, or measured by "Has this ever been done before?" Instead, we should look at these matters in terms of "Is this going to promote the Gospel?" or "Is this going to help the kids grow in their Christian walk"? We are not advocating pragamatism but a plea for understanding where we find our Chapel in this culture and how we are striving to be on the cutting edge yet doctrinally sound.

Perhaps the final consideration in seeing PYC as a mission field is that of Pastor Tim's ordination(or lack thereof). The Church Order of the URC states this in Article 47:

<>The church's missionary task is to preach the Word of God to the unconverted. When this task is to be performed beyone the field of an organized church, it is to be carried out by ministers of the Word set apart to this labor, who are called, supported and supervised by their Consistories. The churches should assist each other in the support of their missionaries.

Though the language of this article is clear that the missionary should be called and supervised by the local Consistery, is it stating the ordination of the "minister" is also the responsibility of the local church or is the minister to follow the other guidelines set up previously in the Church Order?

If it is up to the Consistery of Ontario URC, then perhaps it would be possible to consider PYC a missionary endeavor and that would allow Communion to take place. Or another possibility would be to have two elders attend weekly at PYC. We understand this was done before with Christ Reformed Church in their early stages of organization.

These are just some basic ideas to consider and we welcome discussion and debate so we can "hammer out" where PYC stands in the scheme of things.

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